Thy Week, Thus Far

(Wednesday October 21, 2020)

A Weekly Wednesday Dose of Truth

To my readers, I am back! This week I am going to be doing two book reviews through the new TIF podcast. It will be the first of many more that will be a part of the Truth In Focus and All Things Veritas network. Additionally, I am announcing part 3 of Mob Rule, Mob Rules 2020 along with a part 4 before the end of this month! Finally, the month of November will begin a special issue of Truth In Focus. It will be a magazine style edition. I know you will enjoy. Now onward to the week!

Articles, Podcasts, and Videos

Matt Fradd (Pints with Aquinas). Fradd hosted a debate last night (which I watched) between Stephanie Gray Connors and Dr. Malcom Potts. It was actually a really formal and polite discussion which we rarely see over such topics. Dr. Potts is a human reproductive scientist and professor at UC Berkeley School of Public Health who advocates for abortions but his position has changed as to the age of when an abortion should no longer be performed—past 12weeks. Connors is a human rights defender, international speaker, founder of Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform, and author of Love Unleashes Life: Abortion and the Art of Communicating Truth. Of course we advocate against abortion here at TIF but we respect the need to dialogue and learn from others. You will learn from this discussion. See the video here: Abortion Debate – Stephanie Gray Connors Vs Abortionist, Dr. Malcom Potts

Rod Dreher (Editor/Writer). Dreher, Senior editor for The American Conservative Magazine, is just on a roll this year. His new book which I will be reviewing this week! And all of his articles are spot on about the “Soft-Totalitarianism” coming to America. One that has stood out to me, okay they all do, but one I wanted to personally mention was Facebook censoring, once again, another organization but this time it is the Christian satirical news, Babylon Bee! Yes, the wokeness tech monster cannot have their progressive ways be even mocked. Check out the article: Facebook Stings Babylon Bee

Douglas Wilson (Blog & Mablog). Moscow, Idaho has been in the news lately because of the Christian “protest” (it was a signing of psalms) without a mask and in protest against Church gathering restrictions. Some were arrested. That is Doug Wilson and congregation from Christ Church. Wilson has written dozens of books and is most recently outspoken against the wearing of masks. I don’t share the absolute vitriol of masks but I understand his most recent point. Read it for yourself: They Don’t Really Own Your Face, You Know