(A Poem)

By Edward Kyle Richey

If time were a persona she would be that of Medusa 
A female renowned for her beauty
Turned to stone by man's wickedness
Punished for being raped by Poseidon in the Temple of Athena
No justice given for her
No voice to speak out against the real pain she suffered
No, her only crime was to taint so-called Holy Grounds
Where were her defenders? How could these gods hold such disdain? 
Clearly Pharisees of their own time, in their domain
No Christ to hold them accountable, "He without sin cast the first stone"
For surely these gods of stone were only good for casting judgement 
Yes, if time could speak
She would remind us all of the pain and hurt
Of the injustice and brokenness 
All the lost and confused who lack hope
A world torn from the garden
Time would rarely know good or righteousness 
Yes, she could speak of that as well
But far fewer stories in-between 
The civilized savages and savages without civilization remain savages
Yes, if time could speak, she would be the voice of all females 
Of women who can only sit in the shadows hoping for the light
She would say these things to remind all
That without truth and love there can be no virtue and there can be no praise 
Gallant men are still men at best but even they are capable of right
They must hold another responsible 
Be accountable for their word and action
Anchored in truth and not mere reaction
Purpose and duty do recall when more than one speaks against wrong
Men and women and children
They all have suffered
All under her gaze
Cursed to watch but unable to prevent 
Forever in stone with no voice by which to vent 
All stone inside and out
No flesh to flesh out
Punished for a crime committed against her

Art piece: Medusa (1893) by Jean Delville