Due North In A World Lost

(Letter From Editor)

Here we stand—in 2021—already facing turmoil. That is not a joyous remark by any means, it is only as I feared. I took time away from Truth In Focus and my other writing responsibilities to reflect and regroup. I watched in horror as the Capital was quickly ransacked my QAnon radicals devoted to President Trump all the while radicals of the left scheme their socialist ways forward as they subjugate the House, the Senate, and soon the White House. And I witnessed “Big Tech” eroding free speech under the guise of privatized policies. Failing to see, or accept, that the present public spaces are digital with Twitter, Facebook, Youtube as platforms of speech, economic activity, religious worship, and more. Everything we forewarned in our November Issue (2020) that tyranny is coming in multiple forms all at the service of globalism and the global economy has come. History has witnessed a paradigm shift soon to be completed as the new neoliberal order turns into a monstrous corporatized quasi-socialist beast.  

Now that the four horseman 1) Wokism 2) Socialism 3) Corporatism and 4) Globalism have arrived it is only appropriate to speak against them.

TIF has never been political, but rooted in principles. And this year will be no different. Now is the time to begin the process of renewal for generations to come. Imagination will play a fundamental role as we uncover the requirements for rebuilding society after its collapse in values, family, law, faith, and morality. Together we will embark on a journey just as the pre-socratic philosopher Anaximander who mapped the black sea and lead a colony to Apollonia (modern-day Albania). Transverse the lands as the Apostle Paul establishing the truth of the Gospel throughout the eastern and western worlds. And write as Plato in his Seventh Epistle concerning Italy and the political deluge he witnessed that left him with a revelation, “Wherefore the classes of mankind (I said) will have no cessation from evils until either the class of those  who are right and true philosophers attains political supremacy, or else the class of those who hold power in the States becomes, by some dispensation of Heaven, really philosophic.”

A true Christians and Conservatives it is clear that nothing perfect exists in the physical world, and even if it should, it will eventually collapse under its own weight. Mankind is left with a constant preparation for a New Eden while upholding the past including the dead who sacrificed to make the future possible. Indeed, no real eden will come from whence it first arose, but to imagine new beginnings is as American as it is human. Whether they are called colonies or city-states their purposes are designed to bring forth light and hope; justice and peace; law and order to a people. 

Presently the United States of America no longer represents that land of hope. It is therefore paramount to process present discourses in order to learn from failures and successes. This is not a call to rebellion. Rather the opposite. It is a call to dream again a better homeland for our children and grandchildren. Rarely in human history are the opportunity to recreate such a situation. A paradigm such as we have been witnessing, however, allows us to move beyond circumstances as a necessity to preserving sacred liberties and divine freedoms. 

Articles written by me will be focused on specific issues not just people and never on gossip. While there will be political coverage from writers like Kimberly Hagen concerning the Biden Presidency; my focus as the editor in chief is to bring theology and philosophy to the practical world concerning global concerns. 

Digital liberty, Corporate Tyranny, Food Politics, Climate Change, Sustainability, Abortion, Religious Freedom, Free Speech are all matters requiring redress. This year, I will personally be bringing forth concerns from around the world in order to build a coalition in the name of the Good, the True, and the Beautiful. 

Virtue is required. Faith in God is a necessity. Truth and justice must be directives for us to obtain liberty. Rediscovering the meaning of education beyond the laptop are as important as defining a true Republic away from broken democracies. Our goal is to accomplish peace, goodness, and morality as means of transcendence for a society desperate for life and purpose; hope and meaning. 

Truth In Focus (TIF), All Things Veritas (ATV), MereBeautyInTruth (MBIT), EKR Report, and the newest to the network, Philosophers Rex, will all be receiving much needed care. In doing so I must split up my time wisely and productively. TIF specifically will become a weekly report minus specials that I shall continue such as my monthly Visual Philosophy series. ATV will turn to monthly posting as well with a TIF podcast and Christ the Coffee series returning. Apologies but I am a one man show still. It takes time. Yet, there is much to be done and added. Lastly, the Substack EKR Report will return to some normalcy as continue to share more of my personal life and thoughts with the world outside of TIF and ATV networks. As Philosophsarus Rex (also Substack), I am proudly beginning this journey with Thomas Doane as we enter a philosophy program together. There are still kinks for us to work out, but expect at least weekly posting to begin tonight.

There is no ship too large for this journey. Join us in helping make a better world for the future. 


Edward Kyle Richey

A Review of The Year 202020202020

The Year That Never Ends

This special November Issue (2020) came at the wake of a radical leftist soft-totalitarianism that seeks to devour all that is human and humane. Now as November comes to a close and the great a-wokening continues forward, we must gather together as Christians to uphold the sacredness of our faith, the Truth of Christ in the darkness of our world.

Our approaching December Issue (2020) will be an evolving one. Not an all at once publication of articles, rather a liturgy of prayer, music, art, scripture, poetry, and articles that all direct the reader to the one essential reality that Jesus Christ is KING.

Month of November

November Issue (2020)

By Virtue of Desecration: Liberation & the Sexual Moral Erosion of America


The Left’s Feminist Narrative Killer

TruthInFocus Podcast: Ep 1 Book Review of Live Not By Lies by Rod Dreher

Totalitarian ‘Diversocrats’ and American Higher Education: A Review

Political Indoctrination and Enzyme Inhibition: How Imbalances Prevent Unity

The Voices of the Silenced

The Convergence of the Progressive Telos

Totalitarian Incantations: Late Modernity’s Radical Manifestations

TIF Podcast: November 3rd Is Here


Too Divided To Stand: Election 2020 & The Future of America

Thy Week, Thus Far (11/11/2020)

Thy Week, Thus Far: Anti-Trumpist Revoluionaires, Perverted Corruptible Men, & the Coming Judgement Upon Us All


America’s Identity Crisis

Special Series

Target Takes Aim


For I Am Not Ashamed Of The Gospel

Letter From The Editor

Substack Chronicles

Mere Beauty In Truth

Symposium Of Dreams

In October, we approached the month by spreading our wings and laying a foundation with podcasts, an official statement, and a special series on virtue over politics.

Month of October

A Declaration

Foundations: What We Stand On

AVisualPhilosophy (Month of October) (MereBeautyInTruth)

Echo and Narcissus by John William Waterhouse (1903)


Slow & Steady: Winning The Race

Thy Week, Thus Far

Wednesday October 7, 2020

Wednesday October 14, 2020

Wednesday October 21, 2020

Thy Week, Thus Far: Trump Vs Biden Vs God

Quick Thoughts

When The Eighth Grader See’s Through Them: The VP Debate Of 2020

Speak Now, Cause What Comes Next Isn’t Pretty

All Things Veritas

Christ & the Coffee Ep 2

TIF Podcast: Ep 1: Live Not By Lies By Rod Dreher

TIF Podcast: Ep. 2 Another Gospel? By Alisa Childers

Special Series: Principles Over Politics (Completed)

Principles Over Politics: Exordium

Principles Over Politics: Virtuous Individualism

Principles Over Politics: Industry

Principles Over Politics: Fidelity

Principles Over Politics: Moral Courage

Principles Over Politics: Integrity

In September, immediate events grabbed at us with the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and our public declaration of support for the selection of Amy Coney Barrett.

Month of September


Welcome to the Party: America’s Established Political Parties By Race

Thy Week, Thus Far

Wednesday September 1, 2020

Wednesday September 9, 2020

Wednesday September 23, 2020

Visual Philosophy (Month of September ) (MereBeautyInTruth)

The Oath of the Horatii by Jacques-Louis David

Highlights (Aug/Sept 2020)

Highlights Reel

All Things Veritas (Youtube Channel)

Christ & The Coffee (Theological/Biblical Series)

Ep 1, Series 1


Burke, Kirk, & Scruton: A Conservative Legacy for the 21st Century

Special Edition

Ruth Bader Ginsburg: A Memoriam

Amy Coney Barrett: Our Next Supreme Court Justice Whose “Dogma” is Good for America

Special Report

Riled By Politics: The Fate of the U.S. Supreme Court & The Constitution

Quick Thoughts

The Presidential Retrobate… err Debate of 2020 (Round 1)

Hard to believe, but only four months ago, TIF was launched. August marked the beginning of the direction and purpose behind Truth In Focus. Well researched essays, art, poetry, theology… this is a safe haven for Christians and Conservatives.

Month of August

A Special Report Series

Mob Rule, Mob Rules 2020 Part 1: To Mask or Not To Mask Isn’t The Question

Mob Rule, Mob Rules 2020 Part 2: Mob Mentality & The Era of Trump


Unsettling Statistics: Children & Consent

Get Woke or Get Broke: When Reason Fails to Stand

PAYWALL’Ed: Academic Research & Open Knowledge

Visual Philosophy (Month of August) (MereBeautyInTruth)

L’Apparition by Gustave Moreau


Time by Edward Kyle Richey


Virtue By Decree (Part 1)


A Word To The Wise

Thy Week, Thus Far

Wednesday August 26, 2020

You can always read these articles and more in our Archives section.

Monday End Review


Last Two Weeks

All Things Veritas

TIF Podcast: Ep 1: Live Not By Lies By Rod Dreher

TIF Podcast: Ep. 2 Another Gospel? By Alisa Childers

Special Series: Principles Over Politics (Completed)

Principles Over Politics: Exordium

Principles Over Politics: Virtuous Individualism

Principles Over Politics: Industry

Principles Over Politics: Fidelity

Principles Over Politics: Moral Courage

Principles Over Politics: Integrity


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This Week

I am under several time constraints this week in preparation of a special November Issue coming out November 2nd. However, I have two goals. One is to complete Mob Rule, Mob Rules series. Secondly, to provide a second Christ & The Coffee before the month is over. I do have smaller articles and new series in mind beyond just the political gaze. My wife encouraged me to write one on Food and Religion that I am looking into doing. There are several other articles in the line-up as well that continue to float around my mind. Whatever comes I do hope you will enjoy the week and the new month to come.

TIF Podcast: Ep. 2 Another Gospel? By Alisa Childers

This is the second book review. Not all podcast episodes will be book reviews but it is a great place to start for me. You can listen to this podcast at our Youtube Page All Things Veritas linked here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U9-Sh8mvsuk&ab_channel=AllThingsVeritas

Monday Review

(Oct 12, 2020)

Last Week

Foundations: What We Stand On


Slow & Steady: Winning The Race

Thy Week, Thus Far

When The Eighth Grader See’s Through Them: The VP Debate Of 2020

New Episode Of Christ & the Coffee


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This Week

Principles over Politics, this week will be peppered with short explanations of what it means to be a Christian and a Conservative in todays world. How to move beyond political parties and simply hold to lasting standards.

Sunday’s and Monday’s are off days for me so I will see you all on Tuesday!

Remember! This Wednesday, October 14 is the American Conservative webinar, Whole Life: A Conservative Agenda for Strengthening the American Family. Sign Up!

New Episode Of Christ & the Coffee

(All Things Veritas)

A scripture meditation Youtube series using art, phrases, key words, and analysis to learn the scriptures. Appears twice a month. This is Episode 2, Series 1 covering the Book Of Colossians, Series name: Christ the Center.

Ep 2 covers Col. 1:3-5

Christ & The Coffee is just one series on a growing network called All Things Veritas, a subsidiary of Truth In Focus.

There will be further shows including interviews, lectures, and commentary in the coming months and years at All Things Veritas and in connection with Truth In Focus and also see our Instagram page MereBeautyInTruth.

See Also: All Things Veritas Youtube

Monday Announcements

(Sept 21, 2020)

Note: I want to thank my readers for their patience. Travel was long and I continue to remain out of state. A family member fights cancer so my family and I are here to care for them. I will do my best in continuing to provide you insightful, truthful, and objective articles outside of my normal routine.

September has already made 2020 that more eventful with the passing of Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg amongst Covid-19, an election, riots and protests, and international stirrings in China, North Korea, India, Russia, and across Europe. Historians will mark this the year of repudiation and dereliction of all things westernized.


Tue, Sept 22 – The Future of the U.S. Supreme Court: A Fate In The Political Balance

Type: Special Edition/Opinion

Description: With the passing of Justice Ginsburg the Court takes headline as questions swirl concerning President Trumps pick and the Senate’s willingness to allow hearings during an election season. But far more is at stake for the Supreme Court, its very stability as a judicial institution and third branch.

Wed, Sept 23 – Thy Week, Thus Far

Type: News

Description: A shortlist of the weeks articles, podcasts, or videos that readers and listeners should pay attention to along with a small analysis of the listed newsworthy mentions.

Fri, Sept 25 – You Are More Conservative Than You Know

Type: Insight

Description: A Case for Conservatism for Liberals, Libertarians, and Progressives.


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Last month’s highlights will be posted this week! Be on the lookout for a complete highlight reel included in the archives page.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg: A Memoriam

(Special Edition)

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg born March 15, 1933 passed away Friday, September 18, 2020. Famously known as the Notorious RBG, her career started after over several decades of personal triumphs and hardships including her mother’s passing the day before her high school graduation from New York’s, Madison High School. A Brooklyn child born Joan Ruth Bader, RBG would meet her husband Martin D. Ginsburg (1933-2010) at Cornell University while graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in government on June 23, 1954. After graduation Ruth took time to focus on her family. She would give birth to her daughter Jane C. Ginsburg on July 21, 1955. Shortly prior, Martin was drafted to serve in the U.S. Army for two years. Once “Marty” completed his service Ruth would continue her education at Harvard Law School.

Law School

Becoming a trailblazer by all accounts, Ruth quickly rose to the top despite obstacles and continual personal difficulties as cancer once again struck her family as Marty was diagnosed with testicular cancer in 1956, her first year at Harvard Law. Nevertheless she persisted. Immense discrimination would befall her as a woman despite growing female attendance in American Colleges and Universities after 1947, a number that continues to grow to this day, but at Harvard Law she would only be 1 of 9 women attending. Today 48.9% are women at Harvard Law School. Ruth was troubled by her chastisement for taking a “male position” at Harvard Law. She would never forget the pushback for being a woman in a male dominated field and, at the time, university. Serving as the first female on the Harvard Law Review while caring for her husband and family amidst personal attacks as a female on-top of her class work was all a feat that she valiantly met.

Like all things in life, this too shall pass, for her years at Harvard ended on a high note of her husbands recovery from cancer and his graduation from Harvard Law which resulted in Marty receiving a job position back in New York. Only having one more year to complete, Ruth Bader Ginsburg transferred to Columbia Law School completing at the top of her class, tying with another student, in 1959.

They Weren’t Ready

Nothing became easier for her career after graduation either. Being denied clerkship with Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter because Frankfurter was not ready for a woman yet, several avenues were blocked simply due to that biological fact. Finally, thanks to the help of a former professor, U.S. District Judge Edmund L. Palmieri hired Ginsburg as a clerk in 1959. Serving for two years, Ginsburg would then become an associate director of the Columbia Law School’s Project on International Procedure (1962-63), Rutgers School of Law as an assistant professor in 1963, and publish the book, Civil Procedure in Sweden (1965). Low pay but it was work, Ginsburg gave birth to her second child and son, James Steven Ginsburg on September 8, 1965. While celebrated by her and Marty, she felt the need to keep the pregnancy secret for fear of losing her teaching contract at Rutger by wearing oversized clothing for the duration of her pregnancy. In 1972, thirteen years after her graduation from Columbia Law School, the university offered her a teaching position where she would become the first female professor at Columbia to be tenured.

A to the C to the L U

Ginsburg co-founded the Women’s Rights Project at the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) in 1972. She would fight for the Equal Rights Amendment (also known as the Alice Paul Amendment after the Quaker Alice Stokes Paul), a constitutional amendment that dates back to the 1920s and continues to be argued for this day. Leading the fight for women Ginsburg would go on to argue six landmark cases before the Supreme Court of the United States:

For a decade Ruth Bader Ginsburg had the privilege to argue before the Burger Court (1969-1986) (named after Chief Justice Burger), winning five out of the six cases concerning discrimination before the all male Court. Ahead of her joining the Court she influenced legal precedent that set the inroads of progress for men and women alike. It was a highlight of her career while at the ACLU.

Moving On Up

By 1980 Ginsburg was appointed by President Carter for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia; a position she served until 1993 when President Bill Clinton offered her the position of Supreme Court Justice to which she accepted. Ruth Ginsburg would potentially replace the John F. Kennedy appointed, Byron Raymond White (1917-2002), a “nondoctrinaire pragmatist” whose voting record fell on the conservative side, now looking to retire. Senate confirmation hearings occurred from July 20-23 of 1993; a complete pdf record can be found here along with a CSPAN highlights here. After deliberations on August 3, 1993 at 10:25 AM, the Senate confirmed Ruth Bader Ginsburg as the second female Supreme Court Justice in American history by a 96 yea, 3 no, 1 not voting decision.

Once appointed Justice Ginsburg would continue her career of fighting for what she considered unlawful discrimination; in a 1996 landmark decision United States v. Virginia Ginsburg would write the 7-1 decision (Justice Thomas relinquished himself from that case due to his son’s enrollment at the Virginia Military Institute) the Court ruled that VMI’s male-only admissions policy was unconstitutional. Additionally, Justice’s Ginsburg and Scalia would build a beautiful friendship despite their constitutional and political differences for over 22 years while on the Court until Antonin Scalia’s unexpected passing on February 13, 2016.

On June 27, 2010 Martin D. Ginsburg would die after battling cancer once again. And now, after almost ten years past, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg would herself succumb to pancreatic cancer on September 18, 2020, at age 87. Her life was devoted to her husband Marty, her two children, the law and the Constitution, and fighting for women’s rights. A legacy never to be forgotten.

Why We Remember

As author of this article and founder of Truth In Focus and All Things Veritas I want to offer my personal condolences to the Ginsburg family. Yes, as a Christian and a Conservative our differences do vary when we get in the nitty gritty of political and legal issues but we also share a bond for the American people and this nation. At a time when society is so divided the relationship between Justice’s Ginsburg and Scalia serves as a reminder for us all that there can be friendships despite differences. We need that more than ever. And at a time when respect for those in place of authority, especially those of authority whom we most disagree, Ginsburg serves as a reminder that there is room for disagreement and respect for ones differences. This is something we should all take to heart.

Our prayers for the family.




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NPR. (15 February, 2016) Ginsburg And Scalia: ‘Best Buddies’. All Things Considered. https://www.npr.org/2016/02/15/466848775/scalia-ginsburg-opera-commemorates-sparring-supreme-court-friendship

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Washington & Lee University School of Law Library. Ruth Bader Ginsburg: A Reading List. https://libguides.wlu.edu/c.php?g=601727&p=4166850

Christ & The Coffee

(All Things Veritas Vlog Series)

Special Announcement: All Things Veritas is back up and running! See A.T.V. as a Network with multiple programs. The first program to premier is Christ & The Coffee:

A bi-weekly methodical scripture meditation series using art, phrases, key words, and analysis to learn the scriptures.

The premier is Episode 1, Series 1 over the Book Of Colossians. Ep. 1 covers Col. 1:1-2. 

Christ & The Coffee is one program part of a growing network on All Things Veritas and a subsidiary of Truth In Focus.

There will be further programs including interviews, lectures, news, and commentary in the coming months and years at All Things Veritas and in connection with Truth In Focus and also MereBeautyInTruth

Watch and Learn and Grow. – E.K.R