Thy Week, Thus Far: Anti-Trumpist Revoluionaires, Perverted Corruptible Men, & the Coming Judgement Upon Us All


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The Trump Accountability Project. A horror show in the making. This organization comes in light of a Biden victory for the next President of the United States. Frightening when you read the fine print from this site:

Because we all stand united for Biden right? RIGHT?! To be clear, there are no unsubstantiated claims allowed at TIF. Yes, we are a Christian and a Conservative (Primitive Conservative, see details) organization but lying (a sin) and a lack of objectivity (a bad idea) is simply poor research. But this is not unity in any far stretch should the Biden Administration allow this nonsense. Yet it comes as no surprise, Biden tweeted (or whoever Tweets for Biden) a day before the election:

I believe LGBTQ+ rights are human rights — and they are on the ballot tomorrow.

Why mention LGBTQ? Because GLADD has their own list: Trump Accountability Project (TAP). The radical left are doing exactly what a totalitarian regime would do which is make a list and go after the people on that list. And they are also changing definitions to words, ideas, and concepts such as “Preference” and “Racism” to meet ideological Woke standards.

To any progressives who may read or follow Truth In Focus I would implore you to reconsider the ramifications of making lists, word changes, and threats as a means of unity for your beliefs or we all may end up looking more like this:

Mandatory Credit: Photo by The Art Archive/Shutterstock (5850842k) People from the rivers and mountains, Chinese propaganda poster, 1949 Art (Political Posters) – various Location: William Sewell

The McCarrick Report (Official Report). Nothing easy about this report from the Vatican concerning the former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, now 90 years of age, for his years of rape of adults and children alike. Pages 2 and 3 from the report:

This Report does not examine the issue of McCarrick’s culpability under canon law, since that question has already been adjudicated by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. While the Secretariat of State’s examination was not focused on discovering the precise nature of McCarrick’s misconduct, numerous individuals who had direct physical contact with McCarrick were interviewed in connection with the Report. During extended interviews, often emotional, the persons described a range of behavior, including sexual abuse or assault, unwanted sexual activity, intimate physical contact and the sharing of beds without physical touching. The interviews also included detailed accounts related to McCarrick’s abuse of authority and power. The individuals’ full accounts, which proved extraordinarily helpful to the examination, were carefully reviewed, were made available to Pope Francis and are preserved in the Holy See’s archives.

There is a large swath of reporting on this document which will be linked here: 1) Rod Dreher, 2) American Magazine, 3) Wall Street Journal, 4) Vatican News, 5) First Things.

A few key takeaways. First, people (popes, pastors, priests, bishops included) will mislead, lie, and greatly harm others. All are susceptible to sin. It reminds me of the ongoing investigation of the late Ravi Zacharias who suspiciously owned Spas (what kind of Christian Apologist does that?) that he has now been accused by at least three women to have performed sexual acts before them. An official statement was released by RZIM back in October:

For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, (Rom. 3:23)

What remains a fundamental rule in life regardless of a political candidate, evangelist, or a relative is to never idolize the individual. Everyone is capable of committing horrific crimes. Dr. Jordan B Cooper, an ordained Lutheran pastor, an adjunct professor of Systematic Theology, and a Ministry Fellow with Christian Union at Cornell University, has a superb Youtube page, Just & Sinner, where Dr. Cooper recently provided his own analysis on the matter of Zacharias worth watching: Thoughts on the Ravi Zacharias Situation.

Back to McCarrick, according to the Catholic New Agency Theodore McCarrick is off hiding in seclusion like the coward he is. Leah Libresco, basically a catholic superwoman who was a former atheist and is a freelance journalist (also author), tweeted the following:

And that is exactly what we are going to do here at Truth In Focus. If you have ever been a victim of abuse or are presently facing abuse please reach out to us. We will fight for you. No matter who you are. This a promise written within the TIF Statement:

To be a Voice for the Voiceless, a Defense for the Defenseless.

TIF November Issue (2020) comes at the wake of a radical leftist soft-totalitarianism that seeks to devour all that is human and humane. Read. Share. Support.

All month long articles, book reviews, and testimonies concerning the radical left are here for readers to peruse. Quoting from my own article, By Virtue of Desecration: Liberation & the Sexual Moral Erosion of America:

Pornographic as Good

Very much a part of adulteration but importantly distinct as pornography is seen as freedom of speech as a right to sex and a right to sex work are seamlessly integrated into modern liberalized societies. Christians and Conservatives are not free from this burden as pornography runs rampant in churches, colleges, and states. Technology has expedited the profane and the obscene as another commodity in the free market. Under no false pretenses is the pornographic a liberator or an adjudicator of justice rather its is a master over its slaves and a harsh judge over impoverished souls. Youth today have succumbed to its anguish. It is time to cancel porn forever.

Or consider reading Kaleb ‘Kal’ Demerew review of Heather McDonald book, The Diversity Delusion titled, Totalitarian ‘Diversocrats’ and American Higher Education: A Review:

Mac Donald argues that totalitarian ‘diversocrats’ threaten the pursuit of humanities, truth, and science in university, promoting niche fields that provide narrow support to the ‘diversity’ project. Examples of this include the replacement, rather than supplementation, of classical curricula in classical rhetoric, oratory grammar, and literature with abstract study areas in fields like gender, race, and sexuality studies. For Mac Donald, this reflects a narcissistic turn, as these policies assume that students can only gain value by learning about things that they can relate to experientially. In the process, this approach may undermine the transmission of nuggets of knowledge considered more neutral, especially those in the humanities.

Thirdly, read the striking correlation between Soviet Russia and America today by Brandon Galbreath in his article, “In-Doxycated“:

In today’s crazy postmodern society Christians cannot really define themselves with words such as orthodoxy or heterodoxy (heresy). Indeed, both words by definition are clearly direct opposites, such as right vs. left. However, the “doxy” of ortho vs. hetero is really just a paradox. What I mean by that is heresy can easily be orthodoxy because, the side of truth sometimes loses against a more powerful force of heretics. As Alister McGrath characterizes it, “heresy is the orthodoxy of history’s losers”(McGrath 2009, Heresy: A History of Defending Truth).  We have not seen this much tension and uncertainty since the brink of the Civil War. Sadly, most media outlets work for the radical left and are not concerned in the interest of truth. So, we must take a “heresy” in today’s context as a social and political approach, where heresy is seen as an ideology used in world views struggling solely for power. We see this today in the political and social clash that has divided America once again.  Truth has simply been destabilized for the absorption of power. 

Ironically, the title of the Communist Party’s source of news for the people of the Soviet Union was called  Pravda, which means truth. Pravda emerged as a leading newspaper of the Soviet Union after the October Revolution in 1917. One of the most controversial events that the Soviet Union with Pravda lied and falsified the truth was the Katyn Forest Massacre. 

Take a look at the November Issue: The Radical Left & Their Coming Judgment Upon Us All

Thy Week, Thus Far: Trump Vs Biden Vs God


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Thy Week, Thus Far

(Wednesday October 21, 2020)

A Weekly Wednesday Dose of Truth

To my readers, I am back! This week I am going to be doing two book reviews through the new TIF podcast. It will be the first of many more that will be a part of the Truth In Focus and All Things Veritas network. Additionally, I am announcing part 3 of Mob Rule, Mob Rules 2020 along with a part 4 before the end of this month! Finally, the month of November will begin a special issue of Truth In Focus. It will be a magazine style edition. I know you will enjoy. Now onward to the week!

Articles, Podcasts, and Videos

Matt Fradd (Pints with Aquinas). Fradd hosted a debate last night (which I watched) between Stephanie Gray Connors and Dr. Malcom Potts. It was actually a really formal and polite discussion which we rarely see over such topics. Dr. Potts is a human reproductive scientist and professor at UC Berkeley School of Public Health who advocates for abortions but his position has changed as to the age of when an abortion should no longer be performed—past 12weeks. Connors is a human rights defender, international speaker, founder of Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform, and author of Love Unleashes Life: Abortion and the Art of Communicating Truth. Of course we advocate against abortion here at TIF but we respect the need to dialogue and learn from others. You will learn from this discussion. See the video here: Abortion Debate – Stephanie Gray Connors Vs Abortionist, Dr. Malcom Potts

Rod Dreher (Editor/Writer). Dreher, Senior editor for The American Conservative Magazine, is just on a roll this year. His new book which I will be reviewing this week! And all of his articles are spot on about the “Soft-Totalitarianism” coming to America. One that has stood out to me, okay they all do, but one I wanted to personally mention was Facebook censoring, once again, another organization but this time it is the Christian satirical news, Babylon Bee! Yes, the wokeness tech monster cannot have their progressive ways be even mocked. Check out the article: Facebook Stings Babylon Bee

Douglas Wilson (Blog & Mablog). Moscow, Idaho has been in the news lately because of the Christian “protest” (it was a signing of psalms) without a mask and in protest against Church gathering restrictions. Some were arrested. That is Doug Wilson and congregation from Christ Church. Wilson has written dozens of books and is most recently outspoken against the wearing of masks. I don’t share the absolute vitriol of masks but I understand his most recent point. Read it for yourself: They Don’t Really Own Your Face, You Know

Thy Week, Thus Far

(Wednesday October 14, 2020)

A Weekly Wednesday Dose of Truth

Zeno of Elea by Carducci or Tibaldi

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C-SPAN. Amy Coney Barrett hearings are going on this week. Today marks the third day of the confirmation hearings. The whole process has turned into a circus by all standards. Clearly qualified Judge Barrett has handled everything with grace. If either political party wanted real hearings they would have welcomed Judge Robert Bork during his confirmation. Though Bork came off less pleasant on TV he was the most open and academic appointee the Senate had seen in decades. But perhaps the Senate does not care about honesty or openness from judges except when it meets their political gain? See: Amy Coney Barrett Hearings.

Niall Ferguson (Historian/Author). Ferguson wrote a poignant (sharp) and precise article on October 4 that requires reiterating. Titled, A Craving for Normalcy Spells the End of a Populist Presidency, the article parallels the race between Warren G. Harding (R) and James M. Cox (D) after Woodrow Wilson was nearing his second term as President of the United States incapacitated and no longer physically fit to be President by October 1919 and his wife Edith Wilson ran the nation. Harding called for a return to normalcy during the election and won by a landslide. Now Ferguson foresees a similar outcome between Trump (R) and Biden (D) with Biden coming out on top. However, Ferguson lists nine reasons why Trump may still win, however unlikely, a list that includes concerns over Black Lives Matter, Amy Coney Barrett, and others. See Article Here: A Craving for Normalcy Spells the End of a Populist Presidency

The New Criterion. Roger Kimball (Editor/Publisher) presents the October Issue and does so with such prose that I wanted to included his podcast here today. Without missing a beat the TNC October Issue, “Ideas have consequences,” covers the absurdities of the radical left that now threaten to dismantle Western Civilization forever. Kimball points his readers to the Allen C. Guelzo and James Hankins essay, Of, by & for the freedmen. Take a listen and take a read: Roger Kimball introduces the October issue.

Thy Week, Thus Far

Wednesday October 7, 2020

A Weekly Wednesday Dose of Truth

Zeno of Elea by Carducci or Tibaldi

Articles, Podcasts, and Videos

The Imaginative Conservative. Last week Matthew Carpenter posted an article concerning Romans 13 and Protestant Resistance Theory. Growing up and even into college I never learned the degree at which Calvin influenced the American Founders. Carpenter provides excellent detail concerning that fact and more. John Locke is always the central figure, however, the Founders looked to an immense array of thinkers, ideas, and systems of law. Thomas Hobbes, Cicero, the Bible, and even Plato all had a role in the shaping of the United States of America. I commented on the article that it was a great coincidence that Carpenter published the article within minutes of when I catching up on an older episode of Reformed Forum, Christ the Center podcast on Romans 13 and Protestant Resistance Theory. From Carpenter’s article:

Because of their sacrifice and heroic status, those known as the Founding Fathers are marked for special appreciation. Men like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and even those from earlier eras like the Puritans are known for their unique contributions to the establishment of the United States. But one name is often left out when discussing important contributors to America’s founding. Although he lived centuries before the war, his ideas were foundational to the philosophy of resistance and the demand for a constitutionally limited government. That man is John Calvin.”

An important read for our times. See Article: John Calvin and the American Republic

Al Mohler. President of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and Boyce College, wrote an article covering the new session of the U.S. Supreme Court which denied hearing KIM DAVIS v. DAVID ERMOLD, ET AL a case that developed after the 2015 Obergefell same-sex marriage decision. Justice Alito and Justice Thomas wrote a four page statement in relation to the denial of certiorari. Included in their statement they said the following:

In Obergefell v. Hodges, 576 U. S. 644 (2015), the Court read a right to same-sex marriage into the Fourteenth Amendment, even though that right is found nowhere in the text. Several Members of the Court noted that the Court’s decision would threaten the religious liberty of the many Americans who believe that marriage is a sacred institution between one man and one woman. If the States had been allowed to resolve this question through legislation, they could have included accommodations for those who hold these religious beliefs. Id., at 711 (ROBERTS, C. J., dissenting); id., at 734 (THOMAS, J., dissenting). The Court, however, bypassed that democratic process. Worse still, though it briefly acknowledged that those with sincerely held religious objections to same-sex marriage are often “decent and honorable,” id., at 672, the Court went on to suggest that those beliefs espoused a bigoted worldview, ibid. See also id., at 670 (noting that such a view of marriage is “demean[ing]” to gays and lesbians because it “teach[es] that gays and lesbians are unequal”); id., at 671 (describing the view of marriage dictated by the religious beliefs of many as “impos[ing] stigma and injury”); id., at 675 (characterizing the traditional view of marriage as “disrespect[ful]” to gays and lesbians). The dissenting Justices predicted that “[t]hese . . . assaults on the character of fairminded people will have an effect, in society and in court,” id., at 712 (opinion of ROBERTS, C. J.), allowing “governments, employers, and schools” to “vilify” those with these religious beliefs “as bigots,” id., at 741 (opinion of ALITO, J.). Those predictions did not take long to become reality.

Obergefell (2015) was a terrible decision that requires an overruling. The U.S. Constitution explicitly protects religion and religious freedom including fundamental beliefs in regards to marriage and sex. Mohler notes in his article that leftist groups and legalist were quick to respond to Alito and Thomas:

Yale Law School professor William Eskridge said, “It is alarming that there are justices on the Supreme Court who want to overrule Obergefell, which is a precedent the Court has reaffirmed and which hundreds of thousands of couples have relied on to seal their unions and matrimony.” The Guardian, a liberal newspaper out of London, cited attorney Chase Strangio with the American Civil Liberties Union, who argued that stare decisis—the judicial principle of applying precedent—“will not protect even recently decided cases. The brazenness of the rightward direction of the court is a threat to even the most basic expectation of legal protection.”

We dare not miss Strangio’s argument: Even if a case were decided incorrectly and stood on no Constitutional foundation, it should stand. After all, it has now created a right upon which some Americans depend. Never mind the consequences to religious liberty. Never mind our Constitutional order. All must be subservient to the newly invented sexual liberties.

See Article: “Ruinous Consequences for Religious Liberty” — A Prophetic Warning from Two Supreme Court Justices

Lastly, I encourage my readers to sign-up for the free zoom webinar by The American Conservative, American Principles Project, and the Bruderhof. The event topic: Whole Life: A Conservative Agenda for Strengthening the American Family. See more in the link about its speakers and signing up for it.

GREECE – CIRCA 1955: Pericles Funeral Oration on 50 Drachmai 1955 Banknote from Greece. Famous speech given at the end of the first year of the Peloponnesian War (431-404 BC)..