Monday Review

(Oct 12, 2020)

Last Week

Foundations: What We Stand On


Slow & Steady: Winning The Race

Thy Week, Thus Far

When The Eighth Grader See’s Through Them: The VP Debate Of 2020

New Episode Of Christ & the Coffee


Facebook : Truth In Focus

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Instagram: MereBeautyInTruth

(This is where art, architecture, or photos of nature are showcased to narrow in on what are the aesthetic values of Mere Beauty In Truth. Please Join. Looking forward to posting more art and Visual Philosophy series)

Youtube: AllThingsVeritas

(AllThingsVeritas on Youtube! A Biblical Vlog series Christ & the Coffee has started. Be on the lookout for more content including interviews, lectures, and more.)

This Week

Principles over Politics, this week will be peppered with short explanations of what it means to be a Christian and a Conservative in todays world. How to move beyond political parties and simply hold to lasting standards.

Sunday’s and Monday’s are off days for me so I will see you all on Tuesday!

Remember! This Wednesday, October 14 is the American Conservative webinar, Whole Life: A Conservative Agenda for Strengthening the American Family. Sign Up!

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