The Presidential Retrobate… err Debate of 2020 (Round 1)

(Quick Thoughts)

Sad, horrific, terrible, a mess these are the words that come to my mind when reviewing the first presidential debate between President Trump and Joe Biden. Nothing good came out of this debate. Trump lost it and Biden provided little. Biden comes out the winner tonight because he was less aggressive than Trump but not because he is “the better candidate.” Clearly the issues have a great effect on the American voter. Biden stands for Abortion, Trump does not; Biden supports BLM, Trump does not; Biden advocates stricter gun laws and you get the drift. And judging by character Trump failed in helping his case.

I wanted to highlight a few things that caught my attention.

Both Trump and Biden made outrageous claims concerning their times in office. President Trump claiming he, “Brought back the Big Ten football” is laughable and Biden’s claiming he was the guy who “brought back the car industry” is equally bizarre considering the economic and political complications while he was Vice-President. Let us hope no political figure has such immense power as to control the opening or shutting down of a company or institution nor the ability to even control an economy (which no President can).

As for the voter fraud debate while it exists there is little evidence supporting there are mass levels of it occurring. Trump has a point concerning ballot harvesting i.e. when a third party collects and delivers a ballot. Even Democratic Representative Tulsi Gabbard has concerns with ballot harvesting. There is real value in having people vote in person but a mail in a ballot must be sent through a protected source aside from a third party.

Biden gaffed concerning his beliefs about the Green New Deal, as reported from his own campaign website:

Biden cannot deny his support for the Green New Deal (which he did) while believing it is crucial. Whatever the Biden Plan is (you can read it from his website) it is the GND under a new name and likely a few changes.

Both men inappropriately blamed the deaths of thousands on each other as Biden pinned the entire Cvd-19 crisis on President Trump, ignoring completely the actions of States and Governors and Mayors on top the mixed reactions by the populace, and Trump remarked that Biden killed Veterans for his lack of providing better healthcare and services, a statement that lacks truthfulness and context.

The only promising facts for Trump was his support for Amy Coney Barrett whom Biden was completely wrong in arguing that the people have a voice in the selection of Barrett and that the present election is preventing that right. Nope. Trump is well within his right to select a Supreme Court Justice as I have covered pointing out this has always been a political issue, hardly “the people’s” decision. Also Trump was right to stand against the racist “anti-racism” and “White Privilege” training taking place in the federal government. Another subject that I have started to address on numerous occasions.

Honestly, the fact checking required by tonight’s debate is appalling. I took notes and marked each statement that required a fact check only to surmise that these two grown adults acted shamefully. Normally a debate can set a tone and possibly provide some real insight about each candidate and their beliefs, but the only insight tonight was that the two men running for the Office of the Presidency are worrisome.

Those are my thoughts.

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E. Kyle Richey

A Christian, a Philosopher, and a Writer.

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