A Short Leave of Absence

To my readers,

There is a real flow to writing once a person truly begins their work; time passes by in a way that leaves realizing the beauty of work that you love. All the recent work I have been preparing has become that way for me and I look forward to presenting more of it. But events of a personal nature have required me to take a short leave of absence, specifically, travel. And this is rather sudden travel. So as I was nearing the finishing touches for Friday’s, today’s, insight concerning Edmund Burke, Russel Kirk, and Roger Scruton I was also quickly charting my travel ahead and I thought it better to wait until I have arrived at my destination. Travel shall take three days. So I hope to be back online by Tuesday, September 15. Until then enjoy this weeks works including All Things Veritas newest series, Christ and The Coffee on Youtube. Until then I bid you all a most beautiful weekend.



Published by

E. Kyle Richey

A Christian, a Philosopher, and a Writer.

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